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Common Problems

We have tried to make the compilation step as smooth as possible, but needless to say, some architectures, and some compilers, still present a lot of problems. That means that sometimes you have to intervene directly on the configure command or in the Makefile (the reference Makefile is always src/Makefile), in order to get the correct executable. We try here to give a short list of known problems we have encountered so far and, of course, suggestions on how to get rid of them.

Version 3.2 available

The new version of EXC is available. In particular the finite momentum transfer has been implemented.

New Release: v3.1

A new version of the code has been released: v3.1. Few changes and some bug corrections for this intermediate release.

New Release v3.0

A new version of the code has been released: v3.0.

Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures

Electronic excitations are probed by experimental techniques such as optical absorption, EELS and photo-emission (direct or inverse).

Cecam School on Theoretical Spectroscopy

Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures: Theory and Codes