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  • Libraries
    • Compulsory

      In order to compile EXC (in any Unix-like machine), you need to provide it with some external linear algebra libraries, like LAPACK+BLAS, or ATLAS, MKL, etc. (

    • Recommended

      EXC also needs to perform Fourier transformations. This is accomplished by the provided Goedecker-FFT. However, the use of the (free) FFTW3 package is highly recommended. (

  • Propaedeutics
    • Ground state file

      Abinit kss output file; interface with the CP (developed by Lucia and Giovanni) qplda output file is provided as well.

    • Screening and gw corrections (if necessary)

      Abinit scr,gw output file or GW (developed by Rex Godby, Lucia, Giovanni and Valerio) em1,gw file.

New Release: v3.1

A new version of the code has been released: v3.1. Few changes and some bug corrections for this intermediate release.

New Release v3.0

A new version of the code has been released: v3.0.

Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures

Electronic excitations are probed by experimental techniques such as optical absorption, EELS and photo-emission (direct or inverse).

Cecam School on Theoretical Spectroscopy

Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures: Theory and Codes