Interspectus :: Python Version

The code interspectus allows you to interpolate between positive-definite spectra that depend parametrically on one variable and obey a sum rule. This module is a Python transscript of the Fortran code of Hans-Christian Weissker which is described here.


List of Files Interpolation of spectra using sum rules

Examples are included at the end of each file and can be executed using python <file>. A detailed documentation can be found [1] and in the code (use pydoc).


  1. Weissker, Phys. Rev. B 79, 094102 (2009)


Download the attachted tar-file and extract the content using tar -xvf interspectus_r46.tar. Alternatively, the latest version can be downloaded from the SVN Repository by svn co svn+ssh:// interspectus Remember to add the install path to the shell variable PYTHONPATH.

  • Python (>2.6)
  • Python modules: numpy, scipy, matplotlib
  • (suggested) DPio-module

Copyright (c) 2011, Ralf Hambach, Hans-Christian Weissker. All rights reserved.
See LICENSE file for use of this source code (BSD license, open source).

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