2nd Introductory Training on Theoretical Spectroscopy

The ETSF-Palaiseau Theoretical Spectroscopy group is glad to announce the second ETSF Introductory Training on Theoretical Spectroscopy, to be held in

Palaiseau, Ecole Polytechnique, Amphi Sauvy --- 22/10/2010 at 09h15.


The main scope of this introductory training day is to provide attendees with both the theoretical foundations and the knowledge about ab initio calculations.
After a brief introduction about the programmes and training solutions proposed by the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (ETSF),
theoretical approaches along two different lines will be presented: on one side, methods based on density functionals and on the other side, methods based on Green's functions in many-body perturbation theory.

The emphasys is on excited states theory and calculations, in particular valence electron excitations. The aim is not to learn technical details of theoretical methods, but to get insight about the fundamental ideas, in-principle possibilities and limitations, and in-practice performance and shortcomings.

The scopes of this tutorial are hence to:

  • give an overview over the ETSF training possibilties
  • give an overview of the theoretical points of view concerning valence electron spectroscopy
  • present the two most important approaches for electronic excitations
  • present the computational codes involved in these calculations
  • illustrate typical applications (presenting successes and shortcomings), as well as new frontier applications
  • present the capabilities of the ETSF, helpful for eventual user projects.

Pdf's of the talks