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F. Sottile, Ab initio approaches to spectroscopies. SOLEIL, Theory Days, Gif-sur-Yvette (France), 2016.
F. Sottile, Exciton dispersion and beyond. 26 Condensed Matter Division of the EPS, Groningen (Netherlands), 2016.
F. Sottile, Signatures of correlation: from excitons to satellites. Workshop on Next Generation Quantum Materials, Sao Paulo (Brasil), 2016.
F. Sottile, Ab initio description of exction dispersion. Total Energy 2015, Trieste, Italy, 2015.
F. Sottile, Exciton disperion from First-principles.. Psi-k General Conference, San Sebastian, Spain, 2015.
F. Sottile, Challenges, problems and achieve- ments in response functions calculations. Journées Scientifiques Equip@Meso 2014 : Méthodes Ab-initio, Lyon, France, 2014.
F. Sottile, Plasmon and Exciton disperion of wide-gap insulators and molecular solids.. JEELS 2014, Roscoff, France, 2014.
M. Gatti and Sottile, F., Dispersion of bound excitons in insulators there and back again. Frontiers in Modelling Optical Excitations of Materials, Mantra Lorne, Australia, 2013.
F. Sottile, Exciton dispersion in wide-gap insulators: there and back again. GDR-CoDFT General Meeting, Lorient, France, 2013.
F. Sottile, Theoretical Description of the Dielectric Function Complementarity with Experiments. FEMMS 2013, Chicheley Hall, UK, 2013.
F. Sottile, The Loss spectroscopy beamline of the ETSF. SOLEIL Users' Meeting, Palaiseau, France, 2011.
F. Sottile, Plane-waves approach to Energy Loss Spectroscopy: Features, tools and results. Understanding Materials through Electron Microscopes: Realising the Potential, Imperial College of London, United Kingdom, 2009.
F. Sottile, Time Dependent Density Functional Theory: Introduction and Applications. International Workshop on Current Topics in Transmission Electron Microscopy: Plasmonics and Strain Mapping, Ringberg Castle, Munich, Germany, 2009.
F. Sottile, Ab Initio calculations of electronic excitations: Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene layer systems. 11th Journées de la Matière Condensée, Strasbourg, France, 2008.
F. Sottile, TDDFT: Applications, limitations and .. new frontiers. LESS 2007, Vienna, Austria, 2007.
F. Sottile, Time Dependent Density Functional Theory and Bethe- Salpeter Equation.. Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom, 2007.
F. Sottile, Time Dependent Density Functional Theory. Application to Extended Systems. Nanoquanta Young Researchers' Meeting, San Sebastián, Spain, 2007.
F. Sottile, Continuum and Bound excitons within TDDFT. European Physical Society CMD 20th, Prague, Czech Republic, 2004.