Quick start

The quickest (and the luckiest) way to compile the EXC code and obtain a program running is to give the command sequence

 \$ ./configure 
 \$ make 
 \$ make test 
 \$ sudo make install 

However due to the non-standard location or multiple presence of fortran compilers, linear algebra subroutine or fft libraries, it is much better to explicitly give the location of all this stuff to the configure line. Example

$ ./configure --prefix=/dir/where/to/install CC=gcc F90=/path/to/f90compiler \
              CFLAGS="-O3" F90FLAGS="-O3" LDFLAGS="-nofor-main" \
              --with-blas="-L/dir/where/blas -lblas" \
              --with-lapack="-L/dir/where/lapack -llapack" --with-fftw=/dir/where/fftw

If any of these steps fails, see the Common Problems section.

This will compile, test and install EXC.
The EXC default directory is /opt/etsf/share/exc/. If you want to install it anywhere else, run configure with the prefix command.

Installation tree: