Configuration options

General features:

--help	produces a more extensive help 
--prefix=DIR	directory where to install EXC 
--enable-static=ARG	if yes, prevents the use of shared object 
   ARG=no	(the same as --disable-static) shared object linked (default) 
   ARG=yes	that is suggested for portability 

Libraries and Packages

--with-fftw3=DIR	provides FFTW3 in DIR, (get it! 
--with-blas=LOCATION	provides blas in DIR, (get it! 
  LOCATION="-L/path/to/blas/location/lib -lblas"
--with-lapack=LOCATION	provides lapack in DIR (get it! 
  LOCATION="-L/path/to/lapack/location/lib -llapack"

Some influential environment variables:

F90       Fortran 90 compiler command 
F90FLAGS  Fortran 90 compiler flags 
LDFLAGS	  linker flags, e.g. -L if you have libraries in a nonstandard directory  
CC	  C compiler command 
CFLAGS	  C compiler flags 

Many other options are available. For a list, type

$ ./configure --help