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Other than the EXC code, presented in this website, other research groups deal with a BSE code, all over the world. Firstly, we want to cite the other two original 1998 BSE codes:

  • S. Louie in Berkeley and M. Rohlfing in Bremen
  • E. Shirley, L. Benedict, B. Bohm at NIST

Hence followed by many other codes:

  • Yambo, A. Marini in Rome.
  • F. Bechstedt, W. Gero-Schmidt in Jena
  • E. Molinari, E. Chang in Modena
  • B. Arnaud in Rennes
  • Exciting, C. Ambrosch-Draxl in Berlin
  • Bobbert in Eindhoven
  • Elk, S. Sharma in Berlin
Version 3.2 available

The new version of EXC is available. In particular the finite momentum transfer has been implemented.

New Release: v3.1

A new version of the code has been released: v3.1. Few changes and some bug corrections for this intermediate release.

New Release v3.0

A new version of the code has been released: v3.0.

Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures

Electronic excitations are probed by experimental techniques such as optical absorption, EELS and photo-emission (direct or inverse).

Cecam School on Theoretical Spectroscopy

Theoretical Spectroscopy Lectures: Theory and Codes