Performance of the Vignale-Kohn functional in the linear response of metals

TitlePerformance of the Vignale-Kohn functional in the linear response of metals
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
Berger, JA, Romaniello, P, van Leeuwen, R, de Boeij, PL
Date PublishedDEC

Recently the linear response of metallic solids has been formulated within the time-dependent current-density-functional approach {[}Romaniello and de Boeij, Phys. Rev. B 71, 155108 (2005)]. The implementation, which originally used only the adiabatic local density approximation for the exchange-correlation kernel is extended in order to include also the Vignale-Kohn current functional. Within this approximation the exchange-correlation kernel is frequency dependent, thus relaxation effects due to electron-electron scattering can now be taken into account and some deficiencies of the adiabatic local density approximation (ALDA), as the absence of the low-frequency Drude-like tail in absorption spectra, can be cured. We strictly follow the previous formulation of the linear response of semiconductors by using the Vignale-Kohn functional {[}Berger, de Boeij, and van Leeuwen, Phys. Rev. B 71, 155104 (2005)]. The self-consistent equations for the interband and intraband contributions to the induced density and current density, which are completely decoupled within the ALDA and in the long-wavelength limit, now remain coupled. We present our results calculated for the optical properties of the noble metals Cu, Ag, and Au and we compare them with measurements found in literature. In the case of Au we treat the dominant scalar relativistic effects using the zeroth-order regular approximation in the ground-state density-functional-theory calculations, as well as in the time-dependent response calculations.

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