The self-energy beyond GW: Local and nonlocal vertex corrections

TitleThe self-energy beyond GW: Local and nonlocal vertex corrections
Publication TypePalaiseau Article


Romaniello, P, Guyot, S, Reining, L
Year of Publication2009
JournalThe Journal of Chemical Physics
Keywordsconduction bands, energy states, Hubbard model, paper, relativistic corrections, valence bands, vertex functions

It is commonly accepted that the GW approximation for the electron self-energy is successful for the description of the band structure of weakly to moderately correlated systems, whereas it will fail for strongly correlated materials. In the present work, we discuss two important aspects of this approximation: first, the "self-screening error", which is due to an incorrect treatment of induced exchange, and second, the atomic limit, in which, instead, correlation is directly responsible for the observed problem. Using the example of the removal of a particle from a box, we show that the self-screening error stems from the use of test charge-test charge screening and that it can be corrected by a two-point vertex contribution to the self-energy derived from time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT). We explain why the addition of a particle, instead, requires the use of a different approximate vertex. This illustrates why the general vertex function, valid both for valence and conduction states, must be a three-point function. Moreover, we show that also the bad performance of GW in the atomic limit is due to the neglect of the vertex in the self-energy; in that case, the TDDFT-derived vertex correction is not sufficient in order to remove the error even qualitatively. We discuss the effects of the self-screening error as well as the atomic limit using GW for the exactly solvable two-site Hubbard model

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