Kick-off Meeting

November 29th at 3:17pm

The kick-off meeting took place today 5 October at the Ecole Polytechnique.

The 4 partners were presents:

  • PMC(F. Cadiz, N. Alyabyeva, Y. Lassailly, J. Peretti, A. Rowe, L. Schué, F. Sirotti)
  • LSI (A. Cucca, F. Sottile, C. Giorgetti)
  • C2N (J. Chaste, F. Oehler, A. Ouerghi)
  • IEMN (S. Arscott, H. Happy).

During the introduction Henri Happy presented the other IEMN participants to the project: Xavier Wallart, Dominique Vignaud, David Troadec. In the morning the four partners have presented recent results related to the ANR DEEP2D project.

  • Julien Chaste presented C2N activity on ternary alloys.
  • Natalia Alyabyeva presented the recent STM/STL activity on InSe and luminescence experiments on SiC surfaces.
  • Fabian Cadiz presented micro photo luminescence results on WSSe alloys of variable composition.
  • Henri Happy presented IEMN activity on 2D materials and devices
  • Christine Giorgetti the Theory approach she is considering more interesting for the project.

In the afternoon a simple flexible start to the project is proposed, together with a discussion about the meaning and objectives of WPs.

Main points of agreement concern:

  • the ternary alloys of different composition to start with. A new meeting will be organized to merge available results.
  • sample preparation on SiC substrates.
  • first theoretical approach on prototype binary alloy, for the next introduction of the third element.

All the partners start thinking about the post-doc tasks and objectives.

Next meeting to be scheduled in 3-4 months to stimulate early progress (January is a good possibility).