What is the ETSF young researchers' meeting?

The ETSF Young researchers’ Meeting (YRM) is a series of conference held annually under the auspices of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility, bringing together young researchers (students and postdocs) working in the field of ab-initio solid-state physics. The main goal of this year’s YRM is to give young researchers the opportunity to present their work and to foster interaction between invited speakers (experimentalists, industrial representatives) and young researchers. The peculiarity of YRMs roots in the fact that all young researchers are encouraged to give a 20-25 mins talk in an open, friendly environment, where no permanent researchers are allowed. Talks are then followed by motivating discussions. Each session starts with a longer crash-course on the actual topic, providing younger students the necessary background to understand more specialized talks. The first day of the conference will be dedicated to talks given by industrial representatives and experimentalists working in the field of spintronics, remaining four days will focus on the topics of the ETSF network.

Topics that were covered by the previous YRM:

Ground-state properties

Charged electronic excitations

Neutral electronic excitations

Electro-magnetic perturbations

Quantum transport

Theoretical developments