Giorgia Fugallo

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CNRS researcher @ Polytechnique Nantes
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Giorgia Fugallo
+33 (0)2.40.68.

La Chantrerie rue Christian Pauc BP 90604
44306 Nantes Cedex 3

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Research Lines
Research Lines: 
Layered materials and Nanotubes
Loss Spectroscopy and Excitons
Research Topics and Interests

Current research topics

Spectroscopies: photoemission, EELS/IXS, absorption.
Theoretical characterization of the momentum dependence and anisotropy of neutral excitations in 2D systems and 3D layered materials.
Method: Many-body perturbation theory, TDDFT.

Fields of expertise from previous works:

Thermal Transport. Theoretical and numerical development of first principles methods for accurate and parameter-free calculations of thermal properties of 3D and 2D materials.
Method: Density Functional Perturbation theory.

Phase Transitions Under Pressure  & Crystal Structure Prediction.
Understanding the microscopic mechanisms of structural transformations in nanomaterials and biomolecules using a range of methodologies, in particular Metadynamics for the free energy sampling.
Method: Classical - tight binding and ab initio Molecular Dynamics.


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