Christine Giorgetti

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Permanent Researcher
CNRS researcher
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Christine Giorgetti
+33 (0)1 69 33 45 01
Bât PhyMeca 83-20-08

Laboratoire des Solides Irradiés
Ecole Polytechnique
91128 Palaiseau cedex

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Research Lines
Research Lines: 
Layered materials and Nanotubes
Loss Spectroscopy and Excitons
Code Development
Research Topics and Interests
Main research topic: Layered materials and nanotubes

After 10 years orking at experimentalist at the Laboratoire pour l'Utilisation du Rayonnement Electromagnétique, at Orsay University, I joined the Theoretical Spectroscopy at the Laboratoire des Solides Irradiés in 2004.

My goal is to study electronic properties of valence electrons, by simulating absorption and electron energy loss spectra, using ab initio calculations such as Density Functional Theory, Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory or Many body Perturbation theory.
More specifically, I focus on low dimensional materials, like 2D (for example graphene or surfaces) or 1D (for instance nanotubes). It requires to adapt the 3D formalism on which the usual solid state physics' codes are based.
An other aspect of this work is the building block approach, which consist in modeling the dielectric response of large or complexe objects by calculating, with ab initio methods, the properties of a much simpler system, like for example the electronic excitations of the graphene layer to describe the ones of carbon nanotubes with different chiralities.