Jack Wetherell

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Postdoctoral research associate with Disney Research
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Jack Wetherell
+33 (0)1 69 33

Los Angeles, USA

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Research Lines: 
Theory Developement
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I am a research and development scientist in the fields of imagineering, autonomous vehicles, and quantum technologies, specializing in machine learning, computer vision, simulation, data science, embedded systems, electronics and robotics.

I currently work as a postdoctoral research associate with Disney Research at Walt Disney Imagineering in Los Angeles, where I work on various projects to invent, research and develop technologies for Disney’s theme parks.

I am also the lead developer of the iDEA code, which is an a free software framework in python for experiments, testing and education in many-body quantum physics with a focus on reputability, interactivity and simplicity.

I am an associate member of the Institute of Physics (IOP), a member of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (ETSF) and the York Centre for Quantum Technologies (YCQT).